Posted by: Know Your View | October 14, 2010

What is Art?

Art is love.

Art is beauty.

Art is peace.

Art touches the soul.

Art is truth.

Art is joy.

Art shows the metanarrative.

What art is not-




Posted by: Know Your View | September 6, 2010

If Meaning = Interpretation…

… then nothing would make sense.

Meaning= interpretation is like saying there are no absolutes.

One cannot get around the textbook that states “Staring at the sun can make you go blind.” That is not open to interpretation. One cannot stare at the sun for too long without going blind. It’s a given.

Or walk by the laundromat at 4 in the morning. The sign will more than likely say closed. You cannot ‘interpret it’ and say it’s open. The door will be locked. There’s nobody there to unlock it. 

Meaning cannot be interpreted.